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Digital Craftsman
UX Designer Art Director Brand Strategist UI Developer User Advocate Storyteller

Hi there, I'm Chris Coady | Designer & Developer

Chris Coady

I help brands interact with people

Design Processes

Design Processes

  • Art direction
  • User experience design
  • Identity and Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Content strategy
  • Audience optimization
  • Customer lifecycle
  • Location-based marketing
  • Design education & training
  • Team management
  • User-centered design ( ??? )
Mobile Web

Production tested chops

  • ✔ Agency, startups, consultancies
  • ✔ Agile (scrum/lean) & CMMI
  • ✔ Leadership or support roles
  • ✔ Autonomous & collaborative
  • ✔ Contract, full-time, & in-house
  • ✔ Freelance, remote, or client-facing

WordPress, HubSpot, Salesforce
Adobe, Sketch, Invision, Litmus
G suite, Basecamp, Trello, #Slack
SVN, Git, MAMP, FTP, frameworks

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A head-on approach

Working together

Sure, all projects come with challenges for stakeholders, but important ventures don't have to be painfully difficult.

Part of the design process includes understanding complex needs and offering a range of solutions.
Often the most simple ideas are engaging and successful.

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