Gasbuddy Marketing Campaigns

This project is comprised of multiple marketing campaigns I created for Gasbuddy during a brand transition.

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Content Franchises

Content marketing franchises are themed or categorical collections of content that are usually targeting a specific group or event.

This is one of the best ways for brands to engage their audiences, establish authority on a subject or service, and increase organic traffic to their websites.

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Saving is Saving

Data visualization, illustration, design

Boston Bruins Android Wallpapers

Graphic imaging, graphic design, production art

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Design with Daylight

Web Technology Consulting, Information Architechture, User Experience Design

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Oakley Ball Cap Design

Digital Illustration

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Digital Illustration, visual design

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New Balance Running vs Walking

Visual Design, graphic imaging, production

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Wayfarer Never Hide

Web design, development

Bobby Shorts

Interface design, product design, flat design

Nikon Photorealistic Challenge

Digital illustration, photography

Choice Hotel Brands

Responsive web design, development, Salesforce integration

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Umass Dartmouth Online

Mobile-first web design development

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AMP Bank Australia

Responsive web development

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UI: Umass Dartmouth Online

Responsive web design, development, form integration

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Connect Financial - Cinch Web App

Interactive Development

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Ray-Ban Legends

Interactive development, web and email

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Higgins Floors Online

Web development, CMS integration

Lebed Asset Management

Web development, CMS integration

Flexible HTML Email

HTML Email design, development

UX: UMass Dartmouth

Research, information architecture, wireframes

After examining the existing site structure, we drafted up a new information structure based on what was needed. We determined desktop and mobile browser prioritization, page content and interface requirements, and created wireframes that will assist in updating their visual design.

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NTC Analytics Dashboard

Product design, UI design, data visualization

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Tile Activation

Protyping in Invision

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Launch prototype

Maineline Graphics
Service catalog UX

User experience design, information arcitecture

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Spartan Race
Mobile Email prototypes

Mobile marketing design and templating


Concept, logo, and identity design


Logo Design

Metacomet Music Distributors,LLC

Logo Design

Stone Park Golf Course

Logo Design


Logo Design


Logo Design